About the Company

Propylon Products is the part of NIF Group of Industries and we are the leading and well reputed organization in Indian filter press industries ever since its foundation in 1979, as a manufacture of polypropylene filter plates. The company is catering 80% of the production to the original filter press manufacturer in India.

Propylon is offering since almost 42 years of high technical standard, know-how and our engineering and processing to manufacture the filter plate to serve customer needs. We are well equipped for mould development, machine/tool repair and maintenance. All the filter plates are machined on CNC machine to match the DIN quality standard. Which has contributed in constant up-gradation of product quality, size range, production capacity and development of specialized filter plate.

Propylon manufacture recessed chamber plates, detachable membrane plates, caulked gasketed recessed plate, plate and frame type filter plates in various configuration with customized solutions in range of 200 mm2 to 2000 mm2. We can accommodate single piece molding up to 2500×3000 with thickness of 150 mm.

Our extensive experience, competent advice, efficient and practically oriented products, friendly customer relations and services are the tools, we use to realize our customer ideas and needs and that is the reason for our success.

Background of NIF Group

During mid sixties, the conventional technology upgraded with innovation, R&D and professional administration turned the Foundry into a more organised industrial enterprise Withthe dawn of this new age, from time to time, the enterprising partners of NIF decided to diversify their activities, who had an experience in plastic, textile and industries in 1965, in chemical Metallic Groove Drum for Textile winding machine, in 1971, thermoplastic valves for corrosive services in 1977. Polypropylene Filter plates were introduced  in Indian market which was indigenous to house technology. Today our Group shines out as a front line plastic product manufacturers.