Application of Polypropylene Filter Elements in Industry

Dyestuffs Dyestuffs, Pigments Dyes, Intermediates.
Chemicals Basic Chemical, Organic & Inorganic, Phosphoric compounds, Marine Chemicals, Silica, Activated Clay, Resins, Starch, Enzymes, Pesticides
Metallurgy Nickle, Copper, Zink, Lead, Silver and non-ferrous metals.
Pharmaceutical Antibiotics, Syrup, Intervenous Solution, Bulk Drugs and Intermediate.
Ceramics Kaolin, Clay, Porcelain, Fine Earth and Industrial Sands.
Food & Beverage Soups & Flavouring Fruit, Cane Juice, Editable Oil, Fats, Yeast, Palm Oils, Starches & Whiskeys.
Pollution Industrial & Municipal waste Water, Paper, Leather, Latex, Sewages.